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Our Story

Coach Amy began teaching tumbling classes in 1997.  Despite lack of equipment, she taught in her front yard to the kids in the neighborhood.  As her athletes expanded, she would travel to her athlete's houses to give tumbling and cheer lessons.  After 10 years, in 2007, Coach Amy opened her first gym in the small town, Orange Grove, TX.  Her passion for tumbling and cheer only got bigger.  She moved into a bigger gym in 2014, a third gym in 2018 and now her biggest gym and the fourth gym in 2019. Amy's Athletics started their first cheer season in 2017 with 23 athletes. 

Today Amy's Athletics has over 400 athletes and 100 cheerleaders with over 15 talented and professional coaches who have a passion for tumbling and cheer as much as our athletes do.

EYES ON THE RISE. It means to keep moving forward, it’s not about one goal but a million different goals that keep us progressing.

Our Story: About
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